Alex 130 Lipstick Organizer

The idea behind the Alex 130 was quite simple. I didn't want a #lipstick I had dropped $30-40 on to be rolling around in my #alexdrawers however all the #lipstickorganizers were far to small, they only fit about 25 #lipsticks and the concept was the same, they were still sliding around inside the #ikeaalex 😐 Besides what's the point of #organizing if everything doesn't look perfect and aesthetically pleasing to my #eyeballs 👀 in walks the perfect #makeuporganizer 💝 it holds a whopping 130 lipsticks and will also perfectly hold #lipglosses unlike many of the others which were skimped out on and not made tall enough. Even if you don't yet own 130 #lippies that's ok....there's plenty of room to grow.
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When is the lipstick organizer for alex back in stock?

Christine Veit May 16, 2018

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